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We’ve been doing “loads of love” ideas but today’s project is definitely “Loads of Chocolate” and just in time for Valentine’s Day.  Yes, we just finished an awesome Easter release but Sunday is Valentine’s Day and we wanted to give those of you who are madly rushing around finishing up those last-minute projects a couple more ideas!

Below is a plastic square round container filled with Hershey nuggets.  Lots of fun paper, punching and stamping quickly turn this into a cute decorated container.  Definitely a great project for leftover scraps of patterned paper.

You can see several punched hearts and you might not recognize where that cute polka dot heart is from, but it is part of the Heart Blocks stamp.


The “Kiss Me” is from the Large Conversation Heart set.  We use words from sets all the time…you should remember that whenever you are looking for that perfect word or words.  Silver ribbon is glued around the edge of the lid.


And, for those of you who have never covered a nugget with paper, you have really missed out!  We have done them for every occasion and filled every kind of container possible.  You just cut a 1″ x 3″ strip and wrap around the nugget.  A little piece of tape, glue – whatever your preference and they are covered.  You can also add embellishments to the top/front.  Just don’t use anything so heavy it soaks through the wrapper!!


Now, who wouldn’t like this little chocolate surprise??

Two Paper Divas – Melissa and Gayla

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